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Default Re: ASSumptions make you look like a ahole

Originally Posted by mheyman View Post
Don't know that I've ever been stopped due to STI. But I have been stopped in the STI several times for very slightly tinted windows and once for load exhaust. the officers involved in the tinted windo stops were all quite surprised to find a 50+ driver. The AH who stopped for the loud exhaust should never be allowed to be an officer or carry a gun. He was was an AH and an idiot who thought he knew me better than myself. After crowding me out of my lane (before he stopped me), he spent a half an hour making me walk lines, stand on one foot, shining a very bright flashlight into my eyes while telling instruction me to keep them open ( I should have refused - it was to fn bright), and looking for tracks on my arms. This was about 11pm and I had just driven 45 minutes from a 3 hr workout. If he reads this,
he's welcome to come apologize.

5 yrs ago in the WRX I was once lasered and stopped by a female cop. Was the first (only?) time I have/had ever been given a warning for speeding. Wondered if they weren't just testing the laser - this was coming down the NJ side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
Geez you're making it seem like Colorado cops are the coolest cops around! I have a straight exhaust - very loud, obviously - lowered and dark tint with my front plates on the windshield and I have never been stopped or anything of sorts about my car. There's been two occasions on a signal light where the officers actually said they liked my STI lol
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