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Originally Posted by ATLBuckeye View Post
I was hoping that the only reason it wasn't broken out into section was that the 2015 was the only MY for the current production chassis. I'm a little disappointed to read here that it wont be broken down into sections, and I think other may start to agree as this model starts to grow with the addition of the 2016 and so on.

It's just too easy to lose track of posts. I think this format was probably nice when there were very minimal posts rolling in, but it's moving towards a facebook type format, where if you miss something, it will be "gone" in a few days. Separate sections keep topics rolling that may not have a super large following, or topics that do not need to have constant posts. Personally, I ignore 90% of "wheels, and tires posts", or other

Search function is nice, but I imagine most users wont partake unless they are looking for something specific.
Have you used any of the shortcuts to filter it by topic?
2015+ Shortcuts

Get in and see the latest threads just for the 2015+ Technical Forums. You are 1 click away from seeing all of the latest threads on a given topic by clicking any one of the shortcuts.

You cannot see the latest post on each topic as you could if we had individual subforums, which is something you giveup to get the PROs.
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