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Default Re: ate2aqtr's 15 cbs sti IAG CD Xstage4 ETS Rotated Xona Rotor XR8267 w/4"FMIC

Originally Posted by ate2aqtr View Post
Small update. Had a little waiting period on the XR8267/P&L Triple and the IAG closed deck shortblock. During that time TPG did a teardown/inspection on the heads and noticed some major premature wear on the GSC s2 cams. The cams were sent back to GSC but issues were not being solved very quickly so we went with some BC280 cams to get the build moving forward. I hope to be able to provide more information around the end of the month/beginning of May. Looks like I'll be missing some events but would rather have the job done right. As a side note I picked up some Trofeo R's 265/35 and have some Konig Hypergrams 18 x 9.5 +35 on order. Also just ordered some LCA's from Import Image Racing. I just need to purchase some fricking patience now...LOL
Let me know how that BC280 does. I was trying to buy the GSC or Kelford 272 cams for my build but they were out of stock everywhere so I went ahead and bought the BC280's. Havent gotten around to pulling my motor yet, all my parts are still sitting in my living room.
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