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Default Re: Don's 08 STI. STI Hatchback/Wagon or bust!

Running on 91 octane the car is still more powerful than the stock turbo. Almost as powerful as the E85 on the stock turbo. The loss of low end is apparent from idle to 4.5k rpm, but the rush to redline from 4.5k makes up for it. It is really responsive in the upper part of the powerband. Much easier to drive around town as the turbo stays out of boost below 4k rpm at part throttle. The stock turbo got into boost, even at part throttle and can be a pita driving in stop and go traffic. The characteristics have definitely changed, and it fits my driving habits, keeping the rpm high and engine braking and getting power all the way to redline. The stock turbo was choking the engine past 5k rpm.
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