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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - finally moving towards stage 2 :D

Downpipe and TGV deletes are still hanging out as garage ornaments, but I have not been completely idle!

Last night I installed the Group N transmission mount and Kartboy transmission cross member bushings. A friend gave me a gift card as a thank you for building some built-in-bookcases and told me to buy car parts… You don’t have to tell me twice! Last night I pulled off the cross member and swapped the bushings. I was expecting this to kind of a pain and a little difficult, but it turned out to be super easy! Only took me about 1.5hrs and that’s including jacking the car up, and pulling off underbody panels (and of course reinstalling them).

I did have a minor heartattack when I pulled the OEM STI trans mount, only to see one that looks completely identical to the group N mount… I was expecting the new vs old to look something like this:

But I guess that’s the WRX mount, because after a little searching it appears that the OEM STI and Group N mounts are basically identical except for the durometer hardness of each. I should’ve taken a picture of the two for reference but that wasn’t’ on my mind...

I haven’t noticed any increase in NVH (engine mounts probably drown it out) but the car definitely drives smoother. Specifically the drivetrain jerking from getting on/off the throttle has be significantly damped. Honestly I was hoping to hear more gear whine, like with the shifter bushing install (I love that noise, #becauseracecar…haha), but it didn’t happen…
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