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Originally Posted by Joebie View Post
Badass sister level = 1000
Haha she's pretty awesome Joebie, that was actually my first ever car part for Christmas! Last Christmas if you recall, I got the Moroso Expansion Tank from my grandparents, but they just gave me money to spend on whatever I wanted; so those IAG caps were actually the first car part that I have ever received as a gift from anyone and judging by my reaction, you can tell it was haha! I was beyond surprised as again, I never receive car parts for Christmas, birthdays, etc, it's typically clothes. And funny enough, when I noticed the boxes in the boots, I thought they were cufflinks! I had no idea that they were the IAG engine bay caps!

Hey everyone, ok update time!

So judging by the last post with the teaser, you may have been wondering what exactly that APS thing was. Well back in late-December, I purchased an Air Power Systems (APS) Hard Turbo Inlet that is discontinued, and has been for awhile. This is the cream-of-the-crop part in its category for turbo inlets, as it is the ideal/optimal inlet given its solid construction, as opposed to a silicone option. I purchased this unicorn inlet from a well-known NASIOC member who's name is Steve (NASIOC member "driftfc88"), and he drives a beautiful GD STi; here's a picture of it:

Before I get into the post, I want to say thank-you to Steve for giving me the chance to purchase this! I assured him that this part will be going to a really good home, where it will be treated like the masterpiece that it is!

Quality: 8.5/10 ... This APS Turbo Inlet was in fantastic condition, considering it is used. It did not get the full rating because its use was evident in the APS ID-Plate, which showed the most "wear" out of the entire inlet. FUN FACT: This APS ID-Plate identifies that the product is an authentic APS product.

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Steve ensured that upon purchase, the APS Inlet would be wrapped up and ready to be shipped. Shipment arrived on-time.

Communication: 10/10 ... Steve was a real pleasure to deal with. He is a very kind and patient person when we interacted via PM. He responded very promptly, and ensured that the transaction went as smooth as possible!

Shipping/Packaging: 8/5 ... This was one of the best packaging jobs that I have ever seen! If you go back to page 4, you'll remember how I had my taillights sent out to be professionally redone by Brian "Nexson."
Well I thought that that packaging job was the best and safest packaging of something that I've done, let alone seen! Here's a pic of our packaging job:

Now that packaging job that my dad and I did to ship the lights out was arguably 2nd to the job that Steve did when he packaged this APS Inlet, which you'll see below. That is why he gets an 8/5 because he topped what I thought could never be topped lol!

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm super happy with how everything went with Steve. He is a great guy, and I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to interact with him, I made a friend out of it! Thank-you very much Steve, this "Mona Lisa" will be treated very carefully and I'll see to it that it gets the attention that it deserves!

Here are the pictures everyone, enjoy:

The second part of this update will be taking that APS Turbo Inlet that I received from Steve one step further. As I've mentioned and pictured above, the Inlet seems to be in great condition, but there was some wear on it, specifically on the ID-Plate. That was going to change as I was inquiring to find the best polishing shop in Toronto to take care of restoring this ID-Plate to its original condition.

Me personally, I'm all about the attention-to-details, and this is a very special project to me, because it isn't about how big/small the project, it's all about taking the time to appreciate the finer details, which I believe really differentiates a car in a vast array of many similar cars; with that being said, it is my utmost pleasure to introduce a review regarding the job that [email protected] of Bling Polishing did for my recently acquired APS Hard Turbo Inlet:

A closer look of the imperfections on the ID-Plate...

That wasn't near to my high attention-to-detail standards, and I knew I had to find someone to take care of this. Now being a detailer with a keen eye for the attention-to-detail, I could've tried to give it a refresh (and I had many friends tell me to do so) as I had a couple products in my detailing arsenal to take on the job, but I really felt that it wouldn't be anywhere close to the results of someone who specializes in the field of metal polishing. Now I remember one of my friends Cassie had her 3SDM rims polished by [email protected] of Bling Polishing, and they looked spectacular; in fact she initially went to one of his competitors, and was blown away when she got them re-done by Shawn.
Here is a picture first of the competitor's polish job, and the last picture is one of [email protected] of Bling Polishing...


King of Bling Polishing

She highly recommended me to him and I knew I had to give him a shot, because his work spoke for itself as pictured above, and I was also informed that he takes extremely good care of his customers' projects (in terms of preparation and safety of the items...Example:Taping off area). All of these things checked off and I knew that I had to give Shawn a call, and so I did, and I'm so glad I did! Shawn's business tends to focus on polishing and restoring those big 18-wheeler trucks that you see on the road, but he also accepts projects for cars, trucks, bikes (pretty much anything that can be polished )

Before I get into the pictures, here's my overall review broken down into several sections:

Quality: 10/10 ... The quality of Shawn's work was unbelievable! I am beyond satisfied with the workmanship, professionalism, and care for my part! More specifically, Shawn carefully taped and wrapped the actual inlet itself, to prevent it from getting damaged in any way during the polishing process. This spoke volumes to me because it's the same attention-to-details and care for the other (his clients) that I do in my detailing business, where I would tape off the client's rubber trim to prevent it from being damaged during polishing. I knew that I was dealing with the best when I saw the pictures of it being protected! The overall end-product looks as though it was brand new...I now technically have a BRAND NEW part!!!

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Shawn was able to fit me into his busy schedule for this small project and what I truly valued was that he informed me throughout the process of how things were progressing. The overall job was finished and the inlet was delivered to me in-person the next day!

Communication: 15/10 ... Shawn carefully explained to me the entire process of what was going to be involved, and took extra caution not to damage the etching on the ID-Plate (which he brought to my attention). I really appreciated him telling me this because it ensured that we were both on the same page as to what the job entailed, and I knew that he was going to take very good care of my inlet! I gave this a 15/10 because Shawn also took the time to give me a detailed write-up of the process involved (for competition-reasons, certain things were omitted), so that I could share the process in-case anyone was interested; I thought that that was so awesome!

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... When I went to pick up the APS Inlet from Shawn, it was carefully packaged to protect it from getting damaged in the event that it were dropped, etc.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm beyond happy with the job that [email protected] of Bling Polishing did for my APS Turbo Inlet ID-Plate, and I can't thank him enough for it. I even received a King of Bling winter toque from Shawn, which was perfect for the cold weather we had at the time. As I've mentioned, he was so professional to deal with throughout the entire process, the quality of his work is the best, he communicated everything clearly and sent me progress updates to keep me in the loop, and really treated my part with the utmost care, which is why I will always be a client of his and support him in any way that I can! Again thank-you so much Shawn and I look forward to more projects with you in the future!

Here are the pictures:

When I received it...

For those interested in the process involved, this is Shawn's write-up on the process involved:

Step 1: Assess the job.

Step 2: Tape off all unnecessary pieces and cover any holes and openings to ensure no mistakes are made (It's easy to make 1 slip-up and sacrifice the entire job, so better safe than sorry).

Step 3: Having the right tools for the job. Instead of using a standard 8-inch diameter pad on a 6000 rpm grinder, I switched that for a Dremel with adjustable speed. Using specialty rouge bars and miniature buffing pads, I started the polishing process. Some spots on the APS ID-Plate had scratches, and what appears to be a spot where APS didn't cover while etching their logo. To remove this, I lightly sanded the spots until they were level with the rest of the metal. I continued polishing the sand marks, and followed by a final polish with an ultra-soft buffing pad with a soft compound. The piece was then finished off with a final wipe-off of any excess compound, using a microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Re-wrap the part to protect the polish job and deliver to the customer.

**NOTE that he adds: "To upkeep the shine, I recommend my own brand of polish "Devil's Brew" by Sinister. It is a final finish polish that was used in this project, and is great for all types of metals, as it renews the shine and protects from the elements. More info on this product can be found at Sinister Shine Shop"

Here's a video that I made showing the progress as well (btw, enjoy the music, I'm a big fan of the jazzy hip-hop "boom-bap" style of music):

For those interested in Shawn's work, below you will find his social media outlets where he can be reached:
King of Bling Polishing Website
King of Bling Polishing Facebook Page
King of Bling Polishing Instagram
King of Bling Polishing Youtube Channel

The third part of this update will address something that is very very special to me! As you saw from the last update, I received 2 of IAG's last engine bay caps in the silver application: The Silver IAG Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap (AG-ACC-5002SL) and the Silver IAG Clutch Reservoir Cap (IAG-ACC-5003SL). Well, I wanted to finish up the lineup, as I was made aware that these caps in the silver application were being phased out, since they aren't the most popular color option.

Here's where it gets interesting, so I give [email protected] a call, and fill him in on how my sister went through Touge Tuning to get those two aforementioned silver caps, and how I wanted to finish up the rest of them. Kyle was happy to hear how much I liked them, but tells me that he can't find the rest of the cap lineup in the V2 application, and only has the V1s.


And the V2s:

Clearly IMO, the V2s look much better than the V1s. Now, here's where things get interesting, and why I think the guys over at IAG are the best! So I decide to go with the V1s, as that's all that was left in stock. Was I upset at myself for waiting this long to get the V2s...yes. Would I still be happy with V1s...definitely, but not as happy as I would have been with the V2s. So the next morning, I decide to call [email protected] to order the V1 caps for me. After just getting off the phone with Chris, I get an email from [email protected] stating how he did some poking around in the back warehouse of the shop and he found the V2 caps that I was looking for!!!!! I seriously couldn't believe what I was reading. I am so glad to be supporting companies that really go the extra mile and ensure that their clients are as satisfied as possible. Kyle went out of his way to look beyond the current inventory that I'm guessing was either in the front office/waiting area, or even in the warehouse in their specific spot, and he must've found all of them somewhere tucked in the back!
Immediately, I called Chris back up and said Kyle found the V2s, cancel the V1 order, and quick before someone buys the V2s Fortunately, I told Kyle to set them aside for me, so I already knew I was getting them

The caps that were ordered include the following:
  • Black IAG Radiator Stays for 2008-14 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (1 Pair) (IAG-ACC-2502BK)
  • Silver IAG Power Steering Reservoir Cap (IAG-ACC-5007SL)
  • Silver IAG V2 Coolant Overflow Cap (IAG-ACC-5011SL)
  • Silver IAG V2 Windshield Washer Fluid Cap (IAG-ACC-5012SL)
  • Silver IAG Engine Oil Dipstick (IAG-ACC-5009SL)

Now like the 2 caps that I received for Christmas in the last post, these are also the last caps in silver that are available in the world, and they are now in my possession!
Also, I decided to go with the Black IAG Radiator Stays instead of the silver ones, because as you may remember me saying before, I plan to go with the Ron Davis Radiator, and I wasn't sure if the Silver IAG Radiator Stays would match perfectly with the Polished Ron Davis Radiator; so to be safe, I went with the black.

So Kyle, thank-you so much for going above and beyond. This exemplifies how awesome the guys over at IAG are! I was so happy that I sent both Rick and [email protected] an email stating how happy Kyle made me and how I will continue to support one of my favorite companies--IAG. Again, the transaction was done at the V1s, it could've been a done deal, but Kyle went out of his way to try and find the caps that I really wanted, when they didn't appear to be there!
A special thank-you also goes out to [email protected] Tuning for taking care of the whole ordering process for me! I can always count on you to be there for me, and how you are so attentive to your clients. Like IAG, this is why I will always support Touge Tuning as my other favorite shop!

As always, before I post pictures, here's my review on the caps:

Quality: 10/10 ... These caps are beyond this world in terms of the quality. They are incomparable to any other engine bay caps you can think know, typical IAG masterpiece quality!

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Chris took care of the order in a very quick manner, and everything arrived on-time.

Communication: 20/10 ... [email protected] deserves a 20/10 for this, due to the fact that he went out of his way to get the V2s for me. Kyle was very prompt with his replies via our email conversations.

Overall Experience: 20/10 ... Again, I can't say how proud I am to be a client of both IAG and Touge Tuning! Both companies are the best in their respective areas, and both go out of there way to ensure that clients are as satisfied as possible! So thank-you very much Kyle for making me the happiest guy in the world!

For more info on Touge Tuning, check them out here:
Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook Page
Touge Tuning Instagram
Touge Tuning Youtube Channel

For more info on IAG Performance, check them out here:
IAG Performance Website
IAG Performance Facebook Page
IAG Performance Instagram
IAG Performance Youtube Channel

Now here are the much awaited pictures of the caps:

Now before I conclude this post, I got one last thing to share. It is regarding a video that I star in to showcase these caps. A special thanks goes out to Touge Tuning for the idea to share my story with everyone, and a special thanks goes out to one of Touge Tuning's team members named Chris (not the owner), who focuses on the social media aspect of the business. He is very talented at what he considers to be his hobby, and I'd like to share the video with you all. Note that the very beginning is a snippet of the last video you saw, so don't worry it's not everything that you saw from the last time. Plus you'll hear me butcher the pronunciation of the shop that I commend so much, which is pretty embarrassing, but Tomato Tomahto right

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing the next update with you all soon! Here's a teaser pic for something that's coming:

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