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Default Re: IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Carbing x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

Hey everyone, it's time for another update!

This update takes place around late December (Christmas) for me.

So for Christmas, I received some car parts that I'd like to share, but before I do, here's a very interesting story I'd like to share.

I tend to receive some money for Christmas where I'd then buy some car parts for instance with that money, but I've actually never received car parts before as a gift! Typically my family doesn't like to fuel the fire with it, and would much rather me invest them money in stocks or buy clothes with the money (pretty much anything but car parts) ...until this past Christmas, where I received my FIRST EVER car parts for Christmas, and boy was I happy. In fact, happy isn't even close to what I was feeling...I was exuberant to say the least, and funny enough it was all captured on camera!! I don't think I will ever happen receive car parts again for Christmas from family (it was sort of a nice one-time thing), so I'm going to appreciate this moment and take it all in as it was very special to me!

Please refrain from scrolling down to see the parts just yet, but I would entice you all to watch a very short video where you see me open it (and funny enough I thought it was cufflinks at first ) Plus, you will all get to hear my dad cracking some of his jokes


LOL no dad, those aren't caps for the boots, they are caps for my car!!

That's right, I received two IAG engine bay caps for Christmas from my sister, and as I said in the video, I was beyond surprised. More specifically, these caps are the Silver IAG Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap (AG-ACC-5002SL) and the Silver IAG Clutch Reservoir Cap (IAG-ACC-5003SL)

Now these caps are very special because as mentioned in the video, they are the Last of their kind in the world being the silver finish of-course. I've always wanted these caps, but I always seemed to put it off because I had other things to purchase. Anyways, how did my sister know that I wanted these? I surely didn't mention it to her!? That's where Chris, Mike, and John at Touge Tuning come into play. So my kind sister decides to give them a call and ask to see what I like that's reasonably priced, and funny enough, they knew exactly what I wanted--the IAG Caps.

These caps that I wanted had to however be the silver finish, as that's the theme I'm trying to go with for my engine bay. So Chris gives [email protected] a call, and Kyle had the last 2 caps in the silver finish for the Clutch Reservoir Cap, and the Master Brake Cylinder Cap in stock, ready to go, and he advised Chris that these again were the last available caps in silver for their application; I guess silver isn't the most popular amongst the Subaru community, but hey that's cool with me

As always, before I get into the pictures, here's my review of Touge Tuning, but a special thank-you to my sister most importantly, and also Kyle at IAG for taking care of this for me!

Quality: 10/10 ... IAG makes some of the finest parts known for the Subaru community. The caps are very strong, visually appealing, and elucidate a top-quality product.

Turnaround: 6/5 ... The parts I believe were express shipped on behalf of IAG to get here before Christmas day, which is why I gave it a 6/5, as they really care and create strong customer relationships with their clients!

Communication: 10/10 ... While I wasn't notified as I didn't buy it, my sister received an email from [email protected] notifying her that the caps were ready to be picked up. Most importantly, they treated her and valued her business, especially as a first time customer.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... Well I can't say how it was packaged, but it at least was packaged very nicely in the boots I got for Christmas

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... Overall, I can't say enough great things about Touge Tuning! They are awesome and definitely are the best Subaru shop in Canada!

For more info on Touge Tuning, check them out here:
Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook
Touge Tuning Youtube
Touge Tuning Instagram

Enjoy the pictures:

Here's my engine bay collection so far:

So precious (Gollum voice)

Next up, I received my limited edition Subaru STi ugly Christmas sweater; yayyy!!! I can now participate in the work festivities of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!!

Seriously, I don't know why the call it an ugly sweater at all, I don't find it ugly in the slightest bit Anyways, I also received my 2016 IWSTI calendar

Ok, now, if you recall from last update, I posted a very interesting teaser to say the least. Any guesses as to what that was?



Like the ARC oil cap, I'd be lying to say that I'm excited to get this installed...I'm way beyond excited! The ARC oil cap is the holy grail of oil caps, the Killer B header is the "holy" (pun intended) grail of headers...and I'm super excited to work with the Killer B team (especially Chris) and give Gabby the best of the best parts!
Special thanks to both [email protected] for making such a top-quality header, and also [email protected] for having it in stock, because these headers sell like hot-cakes!

For those who aren't familiar, be sure to check out Killer B for more awesome products! Below I have included all of their social media outlets:
Killer B Motorsport Website
Killer B Motorsport Facebook
Killer B Motorsport Youtube
Killer B Motorsport Instagram

The Killer B headers along with the Cobb downpipe will be later sent to get ceramic coated at Fireball Coatings prior to being installed.

To conclude this update, I have another fun teaser to share with you all...enjoy and again, thank-you for stopping by!

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