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Default Re: Cobb Stage 3 and Issues

Originally Posted by 101ubstr8 View Post
Hey does Cobb provide instructions for replacing the injectors? I ordered the stage 3 and that's the only part of the installation I too am worried about.
No or at least none that I ever found. Cobb typically puts up pretty good install instructions, but they didn't seem to want to do it on the injectors. makes it look like they have something, but the documents end up being more about the injectors themselves and not about how to install.

If I had to rate the install difficulty on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most difficult, it was a 7. Doing it a second time, it would probably be a 5 due to learning from my mistakes.

Passenger side was much more difficult in my opinion. Driver side wasn't too bad once you realize you have to remove other parts to get to it.

I only have average tools, average mechanical ability, and average understanding of how this motor works. If I can do it, I think anyone can. I will say that the job was stressful and long, but it saved me a lot of money doing it myself and I learned a lot about my car.

I'd be glad to give you a little walk through of what I did if you want. It wouldn't be the most detailed thing in the world, but it may help.
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