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Default Re: Cobb Stage 3 and Issues

Originally Posted by WhatWarranty? View Post
I ordered the Cobb Stage 3 kit right after Thanksgiving. Without going into too much detail, the whole process was very stressful. Cobb sent my packages, UPS lost a package, UPS found the package, Cobb had not put random pieces into the package, etc. After a few days, I went ahead with the installation (which was also quite stressful).

Laying out some of the pieces:

Image Link

I installed everything alone or with the help of my dad. Just being honest, but installation was a PITA! More than a few times I found myself stopping in the middle of removing vital pieces of the motor and asking myself, "Why am I doing this to a brand new car?" The obvious answer is I am a moron who does not value money. Moving on....

The whole process took a lot longer than I originally thought it would (not the first time nor last time I will say this). Fuel injectors took about 6 hours (first time ever doing it so others may be a lot quicker). Fuel pump took about 90 minutes. Fuel Pressure Regulator took about 2 hours.

Downpipes took way longer than it should have. I had trouble breaking the bolt on top of the turbo closest to the passenger side. The turbo sits back a little behind the windshield/hood line up top, so I was nervous to use various extensions, flex heads, etc. I psyched myself out because I was worried about rounding the bolt. After trying for about an hour, I decided to spray it with WD-40 and give it a half hour. Came back out after 15 minutes (I am impatient), and found I could unscrew it with my fingers. Another 15 minutes and I had the new Cobb unit on.

So right now I am running Cobb Stage 3 OTS 93 map. I don't have a catback on it since that was on backorder, but I don't care. The car sounds a lot meaner with the downpipes anyway, and I don't think our exhaust system is too bad from the factory.

The car feels a lot stronger now, and I am really enjoying it. This is how the car should have came from the factory in my opinion. I took a lot of pictures during the installation, but they were mostly for me to remember where wires went and how things were tucked away. I don't think they are probably enjoyable to look at so I left them off the post.

I did install the Perrin pitch stop mount, but not the lava blanket form the photo.

Hey does Cobb provide instructions for replacing the injectors? I ordered the stage 3 and that's the only part of the installation I too am worried about.
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