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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Bumper Secured (with pics)

I have been fairly unhappy with the way my bumper has been fitting for a while now. Replacing the bumper sliders didn't really do anything, and after I got hit by the flying tire debris on the freeway, I decided to secure the foglights to the bumper and secure the bumper corners from popping out.

I already secured the foglights to the bumper, but now I put a little bit of touchup paint on the screw heads and you can barely see them!

Last night I finally spent the time to secure the bumper corners that are always popping out. I used some steel cable, a spring, and much larger threaded "binding post" to get the job done. I anchored the assembly inside the front bumper on the chassis and then ran the "binding post" through the area of the bumper in question.

Passenger Side:

Drivers Side:

Drivers Side again:

Inside of Bumper:


Then I put some touchup paint on those too:

I'm pleased with how it all came out, but I would do it a little differently if I had to do it again (and I might at some point...) I realized the cable attached to the bumper, while long enough to come into the bumper area where being attached, was not long enough to get to very easily once the bumper was actually on. I should've mounted the chassis mounts further up front to give a larger span between the connections and made the bumper cable long enough to stretch 90% of that distance. That would make latching/unlatching for bumper removal MUCH EASIER. It was quite a bear to connect those in their current configuration. Oh well, I'll just try to avoid taking off the bumper as much as I can for a while...haha
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