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Default Re: GR Stumble Mod Fix: GD Style Setup (not hose extension)

Originally Posted by funks View Post
Don't even think the intake is worth it - I say you redirect that $$$ to an equal length header instead + up-pipe

Catted Downpipe + Up Pipe + Equal Length Header (stock catback, stock intake), keep the boost conservative (we are in California after all) and you get the following (stock intake). Tuned by Eric - only difference between the two is I went Equal (+ Up Pipe) with the blue line. Injectors per logging are below 90% IDC - so it's not maxed out.

I have the Grimmspeed Limited / Catted Downpipe (a bit pricey), Grimmspeed Up-Pipe, HKS Equal Length Header, get it Cerakoted locally and it's worth the price of admission.

Note: it's Virtual Dyno, not DynoJet but same tuner, same temp, same road, same driver.

Image Link
I'm still torn between going equal length or getting aftermarket unequal length header...
The benefits cylinder 2 and 4 are there and the torque but i dont know if I can give up the rumble... do you know if you get any gains from an aftermarket unequal length header?
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