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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - First Track Day! (pics and video)

Originally Posted by SubySal View Post
I couldn't see the vids, but I have to say I like your build. Good eye for detail.
I like the idea of expanding the under car aero to increase downforce. I'd be doing that too if it weren't an illegal mod in STU.

I'd like to try track also, but I'm hard on things as it is and I don't want to damage my baby. I also know myself and once I get out there I'll just drive as fast as I can. So I'd need better pads and brake cooling right off the bat.

Fresh fluid makes a huge difference! Especially if you live in a humid climate. I have run Motul, but not on track. I can't say how well it resists boiling, but I can say it got water contamination in my car very quickly. It's been my experience "race" products are just not meant for longevity since they are usually installed before a race and taken out after. I have no doubt fresh Motul will do the job as it's a proven product. I only bring this up because you should probably keep an eye on it if you plan to leave it in for a while. Anyway after that I started running Castrol LMA, but it was discontinued locally. It worked great for my needs though and lasted forever. LWA stands for Low Moisture Absorption. I never had braking issues in my 2.5RS during an autocross.

Now I've started using Pentosin Super DOT4. It's easy to get through NAPA. Takes a day if it's not in stock. It has the same boiling temps as the Castrol (509/329). I've never had issues with it either. The Castrol and Pentosin are made in the same German factory so I thought maybe the formula was the same. So far the fluid seems to be lasting. It's been in my STI a little over a year. I would flush it with fresh fluid if I were to run track though. Coincidentailly the ATE is also made in the same German factory as the Castrol and Pentosin.
Thanks! Yeah, I realized a while back if I tried to stick to some "class" that I wouldn't be able to build it the way I wanted... I don't compete enough for it to matter either. lol

I knew fresh fluid was a good idea, but thought It would be ok... I'm sure thats the bigger deal here. Although I certainly don't mind stepping up to a higher wet boiling point, I'll for sure have to change this stuff out regularly (or at least before an event!).

Thanks for the advice!

Originally Posted by A-man View Post
Where did you order the grill and fluid from? I like that lower grill.
Rallysportdirect for both actually... Went ahead with both so I could get free shipping
Here is the grill
Here is the brakefluid page
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