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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - First Track Day! (with pics!)

Had my first track day at Carolina Motorsports Park on Friday! My boss and I were both going to be in Columbia on Thursday, so we made last minute plans to attend their "Turn One" open track day event. It was a blast! I knew (in my head at least) a lot of the fundamentals from reading a bunch of Ross Bentley's "speed secrets" books, but applying that is a different ball game. The instructor I had was great and really helped me on taking the best line/pedal work/smoothness/shifting. I could tell I was definitely getting faster, but unfortunately I wasn't timing my laps, so I have no real record of how well I was doing. On the 4th session I ended up passing a Porsche Boxter (who was in the classroom session with me) and he was supposedly running at about a 2-min/lap pace. So I should be around there as well.

My boss came out in his C63 AMG. I know it has KW coilovers and a full exhaust, but I'm not sure what else. Turns out I was faster than him Probably due to AWD and having more aero tho...

Heres some pics.

First thing in the morning, ready for 2 parade laps since "new" track to me...

My spot. Track is on the left.

Me and the bossman's car:

Boss going out for first session:

Rock hit the A/C Condensor in the 4th session and sprung a leak

Notice the big rock sitting right below the refrigerant squirting out...

Packing up to go home:

One track day and I'm in the "brownbo" club...

Cleaning the wheels today and see this:

Both caliper bleeders on the front right had the plastic dust caps removed. This is directly above the outer bleeder. Makes me think that the heat/pressure forced some fluid to squirt out?? Anyone else seen this before?

Tore my MPSS to shreds with only ~5,000 miles on them...
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