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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Flat-Bottom Panels (Phase 2)

(phase 2) Flat-bottom panels update:

So I finished one of the panels and installed it this weekend. I think I got a little aggressive with trimming out the silhouette of the exhaust on this one because I thought it would be hanging higher, but its not bad. I will probably not trim off as much on the other side.

Before I get into pictures of work, I wanted to layout my plan for the aerodynamic panels.

Phase 1:
Item #1 in picture: Beatrush under tray and flat bottom bumper panel

Phase 2:
Items #2-5 in picture: ABS panels under cabin area
(EDIT: ABS Panels have been replaced with Aluminum. Panel 2 & 3 are now one panel, and Panel 4 & 5 are one panel.)

Phase 3:
Items #6, 7 in picture: ABS Panels under trunk area

Phase 4:
Item #8 in picture: Upgraded rear diffuser

With that being said here is my work on fabricating and installing panel number #5:

Mocking up to cut for tab connectors:

said tab connectors:

testing fitment (fits pretty snug ):

finished trimming out exhaust silhouette (ignore how large the hole is on the front end, I had struggled to line that one up...):

and the final installed product (notice the "plate" I had to use for the enlarged front mounting hole...):

Now to move on to the other side (panel #3)!
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