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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Swapping to an Integrated Key from a Legacy?

So, thanks to khunter25, my interest in the integrated key/lock buttons has resurfaced.

The key I would use is from a Legacy:

found one on ebay for about $38 here.

Now I can get that cut to match my current key, and get the shop to program the lock and unlock buttons. That much is straight forward and easy.

The problem is that third button (actually the problem is me), and my pointlessly grand aspirations. To me, for that key swap to be worth it, that third button should be usable! My buddies LGT has the trunk button, and I like that so much better than having to jam my key into the trunk lock...

There are two parts to the issue revolving around the third button opening the trunk:
1 - adding a trunk pop solenoid, and wiring it up
known solutions: aftermarket alarm, or modifying the single/double unlock button
2 - getting the third button to work
known solutions: none yet

I don't want to go the route of an aftermarket alarm, so that leaves the idea of modifying the single/double unlock to: single click = unlock all doors, double click = trunk pop. The problem with that, is that I like having the two unlock options, and this still leaves a third button that is unused (I know its me being OCD, but that really bothers me).

Ideally I would be able to swap a keyless entry control module from a car that has a trunk pop feature, but as I found out today; it appears all "three button" subarus use a fundamentally different system (can bus?) than the impreza, so there is not simple plug-and-play part swapping solution.

I do, however, still think it might be possible to use a "three button" receiver from another car and modify it to work in the impreza. There has to be a way to have a receiver that can be programmed to all three buttons, wired to the car... Although I'm sure it will require an Electrical Engineer (I'm a Mechanical) and some spare parts to take receivers to take apart and play with...

The last option is to figure out what the RF of the third button is and get an aftermarket RF receiver, tune it to that frequency, and use it as a complete separate system for the trunk pop... That is the more "jerry-rigged" way to do it, but it could work. Still not ideal though.

Anyone know an EE with some spare time?

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