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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Tire Question...

Warning: Wall-of-Text below! For optimum view pleasure, read the first sentence (not including this warning) and the last sentence.


So, here’s the update on the Tires front.

From the suggestions I received I have narrowed them down to three tires that seem to suit my needs/goals the best right now.

1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S-3 - $166/tire or $664/set - 45K Mile Warranty (68 miles, per dollar, per set)
2. Continental DWS - $141/tire or $564/set - 50K Mile Warranty (89 miles, per dollar, per set)
3. General GMAX AS-03 - $116/tire or $464/set - 40K Mile Warranty (86 miles, per dollar, per set)

So as you can see, the Michelins are the most expensive and the least mile per dollar, BUT they are the best tire. They have the most grip, they are the quietest, and IMO are arguably highest “quality” tire as well.

Heres where it gets interesting, the overall grip from all three tires is fairly close, so lets put that on the back burner and look at everything else.

The Conti’s have the best mileage warranty and best mile per dollar value, and they have the best snow traction. I will only need the snow traction for maybe one week a year though… (but it would be so nice to have during that one week)

The Generals are by far the cheapest, and have the lowest mileage warranty, but are nearly equal to the Conti’s in miles per dollar value. But being the cheap tires they are, they are more noisy and sometimes have issues with cupping.

I’m an engineer and I like numbers. So here’s some numbers.

Scale of 1-5, 5 being best. (numbers in parenthesis are “weighted” by how important I think that category is, which is a multiplier)

Value (4):
DWS=5 (20)
GMAX=5 (20)
MPS A/S =3 (12)

Dry Grip (5):
MPS A/S =5 (25)
DWS=4 (20)
GMAX=4 (20)

Noise/Comfort (2):
MPS A/S =5 (10)
DWS=5 (10)
GMAX=3 (6)

Snow Grip(1):
DWS=5 (5)
GMAX=4 (4)
MPS A/S =3 (3)

So here is the purely analytical answer:

DWS: 19 (55)
GMAX: 16 (50)
MPS A/S: 16 (50)

As you can see with the weighted scores, all three tire choices are still fairly close (only 9% deviation between first and last place). But there is a clear victor between weighted and un-weighted scoring.

Congratulations Continental DWS, you have one the first inaugural which-tire-suits-me-best contest!

The Conti’s appear to have the most of “what I want” comparatively; they last the longest, have the best value, and the best snow traction. So there you have it.

Unless there is some kind of sale where the Michelins are significantly cheaper, then it looks like the DWS are my next tire choice.
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