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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal!! - **back on the road!**

So, this time a pretty important update at this point....I finally got around to ordering the last round of mods for my car! If you check the mod list, you'll see a looooot of that red finally changed to orange! So many parts inbound, its like goddamned Christmas morning! Ooooof, what an expensive day it's been though.... :/

I was also told that Tomei is no longer making downpipes for the GD, so the last batch coming in next week to RSD are the last new ones I guess; glad I held out!

I'm really excited to start work on real upgrades on the car and learn the process as much as I can from someone whom I respect and trust. Any guesses who that might be?!?! I hope to document the process with pictures and descriptions as much as possible, drive the car before the end of the season(coming up fast, don't remind me, ugggghhh) and see how it feels. Then, provide parts reviews up the wahzoo...

I will take some before/after videos of the necessary components between stock and aftermarket in order for that information to be out there, even though most of the world has moved on to the newer chassis. Can't hurt, right? Kinda sick of the lack of info on certain things. Or maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Eh, I don't know, but I hope to change that with my contributions.
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