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Default Daytime testing

This is from today on the drive to work. A mix of freeway and stop-n-go traffic. Again, it helped a lot. The intake snorkus was a bit warmer than last night but still cool enough to leave your hand on it all day.

Ambient temp and time.

During cruise on the freeway. 99F, a +6 above ambient delta. Amazing.

Driving through town in stop-n-go traffic. 120F, a +23F max delta and much lower difference before the insulation.
Dont mind the FKLC and FBKC values. They're just there during part throttle but cleanly learning to 0 when going WOT.

Daytime results


Ambient: 90F
Min: 99F (+9F)
Max: 133F (+43F)
Cruise: 104 (+14F)


Ambient: 93F
Min: 95F (+2F)
Max: 120F (+27F)
Cruise: 99 (+6F)

Even with higher ambients than yesterday, temp deltas were cut down to almost half the original with just the intake snorkus insulation alone. Can't wait to see what my custom SF intake box will do...

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