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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal!! - **back on the road!.....sort of, but with pics!**

So hello there people, this past weekend I was able to embark on one of my motorsports life goals: I went to the Pikes Peak Rally! Well what can I say? It was pretty damn awesome and I'm not sure why I waited so long to go. I guess I never really had any friends who were excited about motorsport like I am. We taped up his '11 STi the night before:

It would've completely held up great if we hadn't run into a downpour along the way.
Even then, it still caught a lot of bugs and sandy bits.

While I was too busy and exhausted to really take any pics of the rally, I did get a few of the FanFest(which I was also too distracted to get more of). Those are below. I can say that I was fortunate enough to talk to Kenji Sumino, president of GReddy USA and Tony Kwan of Evasive Motorsports about Ken Gushi's(yes I got to say hello to Ken, he was busy!!!!!) Pike's Peak/Formula D FR-S/GT-86 and got up close and personal with the car!! It was a very interesting and informative conversation to say the least. Again, I was too distracted to get any pics of his car as well.

But here are some I got:

Hawk Performance GT-R (had issues later on it's raceday run)

Dat wing doe.

SCR Performance Radical RXC - it's an N/A Ford Duratec 3.7L putting out about 390hp in a car that weighs ~1900lbs. Nuts!

D-Zug Produkte Porsche 935

Dem turbos...(crew wasn't around to talk about the car, dangit)

Rising Sun's sidecar entry

And of course Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima's record-setting E-Runner!
Seriously, like nine Go-Pros on this thing. Helps when you're sponsored by them!

And on to my car....well, I went to my friend's house yesterday to pick up my cooler aaaand I threw a CEL code, just out of nowhere. Cruise light blinking this time too, but not limp mode. I stayed off boost of course and went straight home after, not wanting to risk it. I'm going to wait til I work with Jason to really drive it. That or get an AP or talk to some mechanic friends who can get OBDII readers.

Got a KSTech 73mm CAI as well.

I know you guys know what cleared headlights look like, but I'm gonna post a pic anyway:

Not the best quality, but I'll get another up in a future update.

Kicked my ass for the few days before going to Colorado cleaning up the car for the year and doing some minor correction(though I didn't completely need to) between juggling my life stuff and recently found out I will be getting the promotion at my job that I've worked so hard for, Systems Administrator! It will be challenging and rewarding for sure!

Ahhhh, like glass. Stay tuned!

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