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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Sparco EVO 2 Installed - 4/4/14

So I finally got my Sparco EVO 2 installed. I bought it used and it came with a set of side mounts, so I figured that was something I wounldnt need to buy (wrong).

I ordered the Planted Technology seat base and sparco slider thinking I could just bolt all that up (wrong).

The side mounts that came with my seat must be for a smaller seat or something, because the bottom mount holes were wider/farther apart than the widest holes on the Planted seat base. Not to mention the slider is skinny and sits completely inboard of the side mounts. I called OG Racing, and the person I talked to said this was a common problem with sliders, as race cars don't typically use them. I couldve bought different side mounts that may or may not have fixed the problem... Instead I had the local subie shop fab up a bracket out of plate steel to go between the slider and side mounts (just piece of flat metal with holes drilled to bolt to each).

So I finally get it all bolted up together and ready to put in the car, thinking it should fit no problem (wrong). The shoulders on the Sparco EVO 2 are ENORMOUS! They definitely hit the B-pillar. After sliding the seat (on the base) towards the outside of the car so that it didnt hit the center console, and sliding the seat way forward, I managed to get it to actually bolt to the car. Now with the seat pushed back as far as it can go (shoulder is resting on the B-pillar) it is finally bolted in place. Luckily I'm only 5'8" so this just happens to be where I would put the seat anyway.

So, the seat is in the car, where I want it, but I can't move it, and the left shoulder rests on the B-Pillar (when I sit in it). When I'm out of the seat, there's actually about an 1-16"-1/8" gap between the B-pillar and the seat shoulder. Mostly I'm concerned about the fabric wearing, and someone at a shop or something trying to push the seat back more if they need to drive it.

So I might be trying to swap the seat for something like a Recaro Pole position later... we'll see.

The good news, is that the seat is really comfortable...
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