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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Finally Tuned!

Friday evening I finally got my car tuned. I had been running a 3-port boost controller (came with the car) and it never dawned on me to get the car tuned for it until recently. Luckily I didnt have any over boosting issues, so the only real danger was running lean/knocking... but it seems i didnt have too much of that either. I lucked out.

And I did not know this, but even the stock STI will benefit from a Pro-Tune. The only mods (power-wise) that I have are the intake and the intake box with the snorkel. After finishing my tune (Gino at Turbo Time is amazing!) we uploaded the latest data log into VirtualDyno, and it estimated my power at 300 WHP/WTQ (roughly)! I am completely blown away by that! Car is so much smoother on power delivery and really pulls hard! The best part is the torque curve is very flat and has tons of usable powerband. Shouldve done this two years ago when I bought the car...

EDIT: VirtualDyno power estimation:

I need to play around with VirtualDyno to see what numbers I'm getting on other style dynos. 300AWHP on basically stage 1 seems pretty unrealistic... Also, the powerband doesnt look that smooth but that likely has more to do with the road than the actual engine output... It felt pretty smooth.
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