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Default Re: Problems after getting tuned...

Originally Posted by ENDRTuning View Post
So were the injectors present on the old tune? The smoke thing is somewhat normal when you have alot of power and burn a rich fuel mixture.

But I guess that would depend on how much smoke were talking. E85 needs work to get it right on the idle / low end side of things.

I would agree with ASI that something doesnt seem right with the shop. Your misfiring due to poor tuning of the injectors, and instead of tuning them more, they just tried to disable your codes. What they didnt know is that just prevents the permanent CEL. It doesnt stop the temporary one or the one you can get to flash from misfires.
Yea the injectors size hasn't changed between tunes.. I understand smoke on wot but even taking off from a dead stop normally I get a big cloud of smoke everytime.. And the car will hiccup when I first go wot... Nod just driving it daily it has a lot of hiccups in it. He kept telling me that there's. Nothing they can do about it. That the injector size is just way to big for my car. And when I tell them that the car ran fine with the other tune they just really do not say anything except they don't know
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