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Default Problems after getting tuned...

I've searched and cannot really find anything to help me out.... Car is a 2006 STI, just got it tuned 3 weeks ago after having to pull out my old GT35R and switched it with a comp CT3-6262. Supporting mods are 2200cc injectors built block, EL headers, ported TGV deletes,perrin fmic, dual deatschwerks 300lph fuel pumps.. Car is tuned on E85. Before switching turbos the car ran like factory on e85... It would idle fine, not smoke and it even idled fine even without a tune. After getting my new tune the cars idle when I put the clutch in would bounce from 1k-2k for a bit until it would finally settle, I was told this was because the new tuned needed to settle in.. They also kept telling me they wouldn't be able to get it to ever get the car to run right because of the size of the injectors and the car would smoke a lot on WOT pulls... The car never did any of this before the tune. I could go wot and barely barely any smoke whatsoever, it would also idle just fine with no issues at all and start up as soon as I turned the key.. Another problem which now I find myself having to wait for the car to turn over for about 10 seconds before starting... Also they disabled the cel codes for the cyl misfires. They still keep coming on and when I took it back to them they didn't know why it was coming back and said they couldn't do anything about the idle due to the injectors being so large... Sorry for the essay I just wrote lol just don't know what to do at this point.
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