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Default Re: Willub's 04 STi: DSS carbon fiber drive shaft OTW!

Originally Posted by T3h_Clap View Post
oh damn!! That was fast delivery.

If your review is positive I'll have to jump on one of these when I do my clutch next year (hopefully it lasts till next year...LOL).
Yep. I got an awesome deal on it too. 925 shipped. Modifymystang is his eBay store name. He only has a couple left. Do eet!

The problem with my review will be that I will have a new heavy arse clutch and new super stiff motor mounts, so I won't be able to tell exactly how the drive shaft helped. I suppose I could wait on the motor mounts for now though. All the reviews I've read say it helps a lot with driveability and everything feels much more direct since there is no center support jiggling around anymore. The best part about it? Replaceable u-joints.
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