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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal!! read: sloooow progress **winter hibernation**

Originally Posted by yamahaSHO View Post
Benefits of an EWG relieve pressure out of the hot side. If you're bypassing exhaust, you might as well do it before it becomes turbulent through the exhaust housing. There is a pretty good thread on NASIOC about the gains of an EWG on a stock turbo. High boost is not a reason to get an EWG, better boost control is.

The OP is in Nebraska and has access to lots of E85.

If porting yourself, you'll find your bang for buck ahead of any UEL, unless you also have weight savings in mind.
yes, i know all that. i don't see a benefit for a vf39. when all is said and done, you can better gains with 500 more bucks and a better turbo. :/ ewg can get pricey.

as for porting yourself, of course it's free!
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