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Default Re: Willub's 04 STi: Oil pressure issue is fixed, but...

Got back from the rally x event about 4 hours ago. It was pretty awesome. We got about 20 runs total since there were only 27 people. Oh and my engine is fine. It survived the 6 hour round trip and 20 runs of rally X

This is one of my slowest runs, but I had to upload it cause of how close I got to the hairpin cone. I always got within a foot or two of it, except a couple times where I totally blew it, but this time it looks like I got within an inch from it. E-brake FTW

The course was glare ice underneath all of the snow except in a couple spots, so it was pretty tricky to get used to. I didn't go in to boost once My snow tires with 25% of their life left still did decent. Me and my friend swapped cars for one run and I beat him my first time out with it I know all too well what that's like from having a co-driver at autocross who sometimes beats me though He was amazed at how floaty my car was, it would not turn in on this stuff at all. It required lots of blipping and e-brake to get it to go

For the guys who race at Devens, this is my friend's new car. You may recognize it!

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