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Default RFID Push Start for STI

Ok guys I'm finally making a thread for the push start prototype I put in my Sti after a ton of questions came flying in. I'm not great at using this forum yet so excuse me if I don't get all the pictures posted correctly..this thread is only possible thanks to czecho lol.
The thread was created to show people that this system exists and also to show Go Easy Systems that a lot of people are interested in it. They have the link to this thread.

The Push Button conversion includes:
Color matched door handle
2 RFID key fobs
Start button with JDM Bezel
Key hole cover
Immobilizer bypass
Back up key pad

NOT pressing the brake in:
First press is accessory, second press is on and third press turns everything off.

PRESSING the brake in:
Hold push button to start car.

People are having some concern with what happens if the key fob battery dies or gets bricked??! Inside the key fob is a bladed key (which you have to get cut) to enter your vehicle. If you keep the original key ignition intact, then your all set. If you did not then you go to your key pad that is included in the package for this very reason and dial in your code to start you car.

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