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Originally Posted by throttlehappy View Post
I can get the 5 speed auto shifting as fast as a DSG(yes, I tune VAG and GTR too so I know how fast they shift)
For an example, here is a customer in Brazil with an SH9 Forester XT running my tune and a VF52 turbo(tuned on US87 gas and less than 17psi boost!!) with the 4 speed auto. Yeah, 0-62mph in 4 seconds flat(with an auto stalled launch) and 0-125mph in around 21 seconds. The late model 5 speed auto shifts even faster and I am sure MadVally can confirm that video represents just how quick it shifts!
forester xt 2010 - YouTube
That's not the point. I don't like slushboxes and torque converters. I'd rather have a twin clutch DSG. They just feel better and have better throttle response due to no slippery parts in the drivetrain. There's nothing you can tune to change how it is mechanically built.
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