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Cheers MadVally Glad to hear your loving your car still!

Originally Posted by Sabrewings View Post
I'd take a DSG, but not a torque converter equipped slush box that Subaru puts in. Though, that's only if I were incapable of driving a manual (physically).
I can get the 5 speed auto shifting as fast as a DSG(yes, I tune VAG and GTR too so I know how fast they shift)
For an example, here is a customer in Brazil with an SH9 Forester XT running my tune and a VF52 turbo(tuned on US87 gas and less than 17psi boost!!) with the 4 speed auto. Yeah, 0-62mph in 4 seconds flat(with an auto stalled launch) and 0-125mph in around 21 seconds. The late model 5 speed auto shifts even faster and I am sure MadVally can confirm that video represents just how quick it shifts!
forester xt 2010 - YouTube

Originally Posted by Sti-q8 View Post
bare in Mind im In Kuwait

how can i benefit from a tune? will an AP work?
was thinking exhaust intake as a step 1 but as i said there are no shops that are available
closest thing is in bahrain or UAE
EcuFlash works, you only need to buy a US$200 Tactrix from Tactrix and I can remote tune the car
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