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Default Re: Subtle-Solutions Intercooler Splitter = Good Stuff!!

Update for every one concerned: Dropped off the TMIC to get the bung for the AEM intake air temp sensor welded on along with a bung for my Coolingmist CMGS meth nozzle. What I will be doing is using both the stock IAT sensor at the MAF housing and using the AEM right before the throttle body coupler on the TMIC (if you are looking at the front of the TMIC it will be just a little bit left of the TMIC outlet so it will have post inter cooler air temp but pre-throttle body). The AEM sensor is then going to be wired into the stock harness so I can log with it and the ECU can recognize and use it for my up coming speed density tune.

I then put in an order with Subtle Solutions for my TMIC air splitter. I also sent them an e-mail letting them know what I was planning and why I was planning it. I also explained to them that my wording in my previous post may have been a little abrasive and to explain my intentions.

Just to clarify with every one here as well. I am not going out on a witch hunt to put down this company. In all honesty I really do like their products and think they are of great quality, heck I have been looking for a used radiator shroud and alternator cover from them fora while now. The main issue I have is like I posted up before. Claims are being laid out with out back up facts for them. I am going to test this product to find out if it really does work as advertised. If it works I will be keeping this sucker as I am honestly looking forward to having cooler intake air temps.
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