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Originally Posted by gathermewool View Post
The only ways to prove whether this works, would be to put'er in a wind tunnel with a clear hood and watch where the smoke goes, or to install multiple RTD's placed along the top and bottom of the IC and monitor temps at varying conditions.

Having a buddy in the trunk of the car in front of you letting loose a few cans of spray paint might work, too. The more color on more of the intercooler, the better!
You could do any number of CFD analysis. That's pretty cheap.
Originally Posted by vermont View Post
What are you smoking? Can I have some?

The OTHER way to prove this works to to see if there is any type of drop in IC temps under WOT throttle from before it is installed.... A very quick before and after comparison will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. This "mod" only takes a few seconds to install so there should be no time difference for heat up or cool down due to the ambient air temps. If this product does not in fact cool down the post TMIC charge air more than the stock setup then it's only purpose is engine bay dress up. As here is a quick blurb from there web site about what they claim this product does:

Which means I had better see lower TMIC temps after I install this product. I will also take a video and post up the logs once I get around to doing this. Might be about a week or so as I need to install my AEM IAT sensor that I have sitting in a box. Right now I in the middle of a heat war with my engine bay, I just got done wrapping my DP, turbo blanket on the turbo, DEI gold tape all over the TMIC, and I even had the fins of my TMIC coated with CerakoteTM Heat Dissipation Coating. So I really honestly do hope that this helps out with cooling as well.

Also just as an aside to Subtle Solutions, if this product does not work as advertised I will be expecting my money back, no if, and or buts. You have made a claim and I fully expect this product to back those claims up.
A handful of thermocouples pre-intercooler, mid-intercooler, and post-intercooler with before and after comparisons would do well also.
Originally Posted by Grinder34 View Post
To expand on Vermont's post, it should actually be easy to test the efficiency with a few degrees of accuracy.

1) easiest, lowest accuracy:
Measure IATs before/after. As you mentioned install is a cinch, so you can get pretty quick before/afters.

2) medium difficulty and accuracy:
go for a particular run, and immediately pop the hood and use an IR thermometer at a few points on the IC. Repeat the same run and measuring points. Something ideal would be a few laps of a track, or an autocross run.

3) expensive, accurate:
Use a thermographic camera. Especially if you set it on a gopro-type-mount aimed into your hoodscoop while driving. But at the very least, use it as you would do #2. But this is far more "data points" (one full image) and takes less time (so things dont cool, heat, etc)
Cameras are neato, and take cool pics, but if you've got 75 large hiding out just waiting to be spent on a full-spectrum IR camera, well, I've got a race team that sure could use some sponsorship!
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