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Default Re: SCCA Colorado Rallycross

Hey Gang,
It's that time of the month again where we get one last weekend to make those last dashes to the auto parts store and get those rushed shipping items on the car before heading off to the USTDS on the 14th. After 1 event in the books our current leaders will be trying their best to fight off the rest of the pack which will be breathing down their necks over the next 8 months to earn the all coveted RallyCross season trophies.

But to finish first you must first finish and to keep focused on everything else you should start by pre registering so that you can have more time to get in plenty of course walks after you've passed tech.

And remember, we all love getting in as many runs as possible. So to help us do that make sure to show up early (Best to get there around 7), get registered, pass tech, get in your course walks so that we can get the drivers meeting going as early as possible. And after the meeting get to your car in grid or yourself to your worker position so that the first car is truly off the line by 10.

We can't wait to see you all out there!

-Ryan Sealey

For more event information check the CO-RX website
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