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Default Re: SCCA Colorado Rallycross

Come check out the newest addition to Colorado RallyCross. Here you'll find all of your needs for looking good on the track, at the office or while sitting at home playing Richard Burns Rally. Currently there are printed Colorado RallyCross logo-ed Men's AND Women's shirts, hats, Hoodies, Water bottles, mugs, and most importantly STICKERS and business cards. If you see something on the site that we currently don't offer but your interested in it then send me an email at [email protected].

While we only collect a very small percent which that goes back to our non-profit organization, unfortunately we can't control the prices, so some of it might come off as a bit steep looking. And if you do have any issues then please contact Zazzle and not us, for once again we are just the middle men.

If you placed an order for a Brown or Orange Silk screen shirt a few months back and your not interested in what the store has to offer, then once again let us know at [email protected]. Once there's 12 or more orders then we can place them. Those shirt start out at $16.75 each and go down the more that are ordered.

And if you ordered a Polo or Hat a few months back then contact [email protected].org about them. The prices came to $25 for the embroidered Polo shirts and $17 for the embroidered hats.

The Colorado RallyCross Logo was created and provided by the great and honorable Ken Cashion. We ask that you respect it, and the available selections without changing them too much. Thank you for helping keep the "Brand look" the same for better group recognition.

CORallyCross: Products: Store
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