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Default Re: 2011 sedan wheel alignment..

Originally Posted by Dagz View Post
Im gonna have stock wheels and rims for summer (245/40/18 ---- 18x8.5 + 55 offset) and my winter setup are Rota rims with 225/45/17 17x8 +48 (if I remember correctly the offset) It is my daily driver.. I am lookin for a sharper handling with less understeer but at the same time looking for a balance for tire life.. Still on stock rubber Dunlops. occasional track days.

would this be ok in terms of alignment? 0 toe all four corners and -2 camber in the front? From what I get thats all I can change in stock form.. cat modify the camber in the rear and no caster at all.

extra info wud be usefull.. thanks again guys
You won't get -2 of camber in the front without aftermarket camber bolts. Most you will get out of the stock setup is probably -1.5. Other than that you've got the idea. Run 0 deg of toe all around and have them max the negative camber.

Oh and I run about -1.3 in the front on stock size Dunlop star specs and don't have any problems rolling over the tires at auto-x. Just have to make sure you're running enough tire pressure to keep them from rolling.
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