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Default Re: 2008 STi - Broken welds on rear roof support...

I received a call from Subaru of America today informing me that they are going to repair my vehicle under warranty.

Thumbs up? Not just yet... I suppose I can discuss what "interesting details" I previously mentioned.

Once they finally found the cause of the issue, the repair was initially approved and the dealer ordered a new cross-member for the roof. The body shop had all of this in their possession, but once they looked into actually doing the repair, they found that they would have to cut the roof to gain access to the welds or piece that they need to replace. They notified the dealer, who notified the regional rep. This is when the service manager informed me that the regional rep had to come see the car (see OP for 2011.05.18).

I went on the road the next week for work which gave them a week to contact me. I didn't hear anything so when I returned I called them and asked for an update as to when I should expect the regional rep to make an appointment. The service manager said he would call the regional rep to find out, and then get back to me. When the service manager called me back he informed me that the regional rep is no longer going to repair this under warranty and the warranty for this 'line item' was now void.

Anyways, while on the phone with Subaru, I requested details regarding the repair of the defect but the woman I spoke with didn't have the specifics. She said that she would contact the service manager at the dealer to discuss it with him and have him call me with that information. I expressed my concerns regarding what I already knew and how uneasy I felt about it all. Considering resale value and safety structure, I think these concerns are valid.

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