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Default Re: 2008 STi - Broken welds on rear roof support...

Originally Posted by Pajunen View Post
very interested in this. Keep it coming. Damn stealerships
The dealership has actually been quite helpful with this situation, and actually wasn't very enthused about having to tell me they wouldn't cover it, and why. They couldn't really share their view point on the situation once the regional rep provided his input though, their hands are kind of tied.

Originally Posted by severe View Post
Call Subaru of America
Also they cannot void your warranty, only deny a claim based on modification.
My warranty expired 2011.05.31 anyways, so that's not a huge deal anyways. However this is an issue that they've been unable to fix for months now, and the service manager showed me in the warranty agreement where any items brought to their attention before the warranty expires would still have to be honored under warranty... if they persist past the expiration date.

I'm calling SOA tomorrow to updated them with details on the situation, I already have the case open with them that I can reference.

I will keep things updated here.

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