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Default Re: llTomTomll's Journal - SSM '08 STi -Transition to new turbo

Originally Posted by Midevil View Post
So true.

Tom what numbers are we looking at here, this seems like a sick setup!! I want a ride in the iag sti
Well, the final tune will probably be a little under or a little over 400whp (psi @ 22-23). WTQ, I have no idea. I am assuming it will be a bit more aggressive since I will have an upgraded clutch (exedy twin plate). I think USER got 365 tq on his stock clutch.

Originally Posted by Matt_H View Post
Nice little upgrade there!

What kind of numbers did you make with the current tune?
The tune got stopped at 365ish @ 18psi(basically the same as my 20g), but the feel and sound and of the car is 100x better then the 20g. If he went any higher, I wouldnt have been able to drive my baby back home. So Jorge stopped it at 18 psi. I am happy that i dumped the EWG back in I can really hear the spool of the turbo.

By having the Perrin fmic(was suppose to use there custom FMIC) and dumping back the EWG into the dp, Jorge, Rick, and JJ believe I might have lost 20-30 hp. But thats cool with me. The car is still gonna be a beast once I get it tuned right.

Jorge said that the gt35r doesn't come alive until 20 psi, so who knows what he will do with the final number. Either way the car will be beast!

Originally Posted by hokie_sti View Post
2 things...

1. The new setup is going to be SICK!

2. I didn't realize you had a sport grille and lip on your car. My car just became your twin.
Twins in the same location. I hope your camera shooting is going well

Originally Posted by Midevil View Post
Thankfully I wont be getting the sports grill so we are safe from being triplets.

Tom how do you like the rota p45r? Does it ride good? I ordered BR coilovers and am interested to hear some first hand input about the wheels.
LOVE THE P45r's!!! massive wide it really looks good on our silver cars (hyper black wheels). I had gunmetal before, but didnt really dig the dark on silver. the 18x9.5 +35 makes the car look beast from the back. I have them standing on RCE yellows and I am good.
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