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Default llTomTomll's Journal - installing/installed hella tones

its been awhile!

I installed the hella tones this past Saturday and it was a real easy install.
I painted them silver and easily mounted them where the oem horn was It looks good and sounds super loud. I love them! (why didnt I do this earlier?!)

Spray painting the horns and clear coating took the most time (do it before you take the bumper off) This was more time consuming then the entire installation of the hella tones (appx 1hr)

Items needed:

*12 gauge wire
*female/male 12 gauge connector
*an extra 8mm 1.25x20mm bolt and nut (same as the oem bolt that connects the factory horn) - home depot
*zip ties
*electrical wire cutter
*electrical tape
*duplicolor nissan spray paint/clear coat (advance auto parts)

First, I took the bumper off (literally takes 5 mins tops)

*unhook the battery
*Unscrewed the stock horn and unplugged the male connector that the car already provides (it will connect straight to the hella tones).
*attach where the oem horn was with the hella tone (use the same bolt). ground the hella tone.
*disconnect the 2nd horn located by the right wheel. use that factory wire and connect a female connector and use a 12 gauge wire and feed it to front (zip tie the wire or whatever you want to do)
*there is a hole that is provided and attach the 2nd hella tone on the opposite side of the 1st hella tone. Use the 8mm bolt and nut here. Ground it on the same bolt.
*hook the battery up and HONK AWAY!
*bumper goes back on in 5 min!

*** no relay is needed!!!!!!

Sorry i didnt take install pics, but here you go
winter tires and my roof rack!!!

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