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Default Re: 2011 DGM STi

Just an update...
I am really liking the car, but it is definitely going to be a weekend/errands kinda car for me. My Volvo is just nice to take to work and be relaxed in.

I didn't get any factory options on the car.
Dealer installed options were the tint, short-throw shifter, and trunk tray.

The tint was done when I picked it up and the short-throw shifter was done on Dec. 14/10.
I am very dissapointed with the dealership because it took them almost 6 hours for the install. I am pretty sure I could have done it myself much quicker.
They told me they will call me when they get the trunk tray.

I don't know what you guys mean by invoice (I am hoping it is not what the dealer pays), but I paid full retail with no hope of a discount. I didn't pay for any of the dealer installed options though so that is a little bright spot.
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