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Default Re: llTomTomll's Journal - SSM '08 STi -TD06 20g FMIC

Originally Posted by user1029 View Post
Lovin it
Thanks !!! cant wait to read up on your new tune for your meth kit

That link help me understand the whole set up

Originally Posted by hokie_sti View Post
Nice pics! Your car looks great.
thanks dude my sister wanted to practice the fly by shots before gathering up. We did it by Manassas Battle field.

Ill try and something up for NOV for a little shoot day.

btw, sorry about your car My car got hit by torn tire from a semi truck over the summer. Shattered my license plate frame and bend the SHAT out of my license plate. It left a lot of black crap on my bumper, but it didnt crack thank gawd.

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