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Default Re: llTomTomll's Journal - TD06 20G ***Pics Added***


Its been awhile since I updated last.

The girlfriend got me a Cusco front strut tower bar for my birthday (thanks hun). She picked it up from the Mach V meet and gave it to me right away. SWEET!

Ive been driving like a maniac lately enjoying the the new turbo set up The car is so much fun to WOT off exit ramps. Not to mention the new sparco torino seat help with the curvy bends. The seat def makes the drive more enjoyable (thanks Hokie_sti).

The gun metal g forces are back on but I am wanting something else. I Kind of want to go back to a silver color and go a little bit wider. Also, lower the car even more with some camber too

Mach V meet was pretty bad a$$. Drove up with some locals to the meet and saw some awesome cars loved it.

Here are some pics...

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