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Default Exhaust differences between 2004 wagon vs. sedan

so im really interested in buying an srs catback for my 2004 wagon, however i am not quite clear as to whether i need to buy a "wagon: specific exhaust or just a generic 02-07. Are there any differences in exhaust piping between the two? hangers? length? i thought they were exactly the same (although i could understand it if they werent) however when i called subaru the guy in parts said "he didnt think that they were the same" so i really dont know what to do. the reason im asking is because the seller seems to have set up plenty of generic 02-07 auctions, however there is one that specifies wagon. Also the wagon auction is 30 dollars more than the 02-07 auction. I dont have a lot of money right now so i would really like to make the right choice.
thanks again guys.

Wagon: JDM SRS CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM 02-07 WRX WAGON 03 04:eBay Motors (item 360152733814 end time Jun-03-09 15:21:56 PDT)

02-07: JDM SRS CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM 02 03 04 05 06 07 WRX:eBay Motors (item 390036255961 end time Jun-07-09 18:24:46 PDT)
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