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Default Weight of TMIC? Stock or aftermarket?

I was actually just curious, does anyone happen to know the approximate weight of a TMIC? Preferably both stock as well as aftermarket? I should probably just head out to my garage & dig up my stock TMIC to weigh it, but I'm at work right now and wondering if anyone happened to know off hand?

Part of the reason I'm asking is I supposedly have a FMIC that's on it's way, I was originally notified it was 53 lbs, but FedEx tracking says it only weighs 45 lbs... I was thinking that sounded a little light for a FMIC with stainless steel piping, and wondering if I was accidentally shipped a TMIC by mistake? Or would 45 lbs be way too heavy for a TMIC? It seems too heavy, but just wondered if someone could confirm? Thanks in advance!

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