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Default Re: Install a remote start car alarm in an sti

I have a question for thundercamel.

I own a 2002 WRX and was researching car alarm installation tutorials and came across yours.

I believe that the installation for my alarm on my 02 WRX will be very similar to the one on your STi.

I was just wondering if it is wise to remove the factory keyless entry system completely during the install. My alarm is built with keyless entry and remote start, so I would like to only use the alarm system to control everything and ditch the factory keyless entry remotes.

Right now my car has an after market remote start installed and the factory keyless entry. I haved noticed that the keyless entry functions are disabled when the remote start is enabled, although I have not thoroughly tested what works and what doesn't work with the two systems. Overall I do not use factory keyless entry ever.

I guess if it is too much hassel, I would consider keeping the keyless entry because if I do ever decide the get rid of my car I would probably take the alarm out. And it would be easier to have the keyless entry system there and installed already for the new owner.

I have researched alot about car alarm installations and I have a good idea of the whole process. I also have studied the wiring diagrams for the 2002 WRX and I have made notes of the locations of all the wires I need. However, I am still unsure about RELAYS and such.

To summarize, the installation will require removing the remote start system and possibly the keyless entry system. The new alarm will include all the basics (siren, shock sensor, keyless entry, remote start..) as well as a 4 window module (device to control operation or power windows) and a camera that snaps a picture when the alarm is triggered. It has two AUX outputs that I will use to control the 4 window module and the other one I have not decided yet (maybe to pop the trunk).

Advice from anyone would be much appreciated and also if anyone knows of any sites that have a detailed car alarm installation on a 2002 WRX, I would like to check it out.

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