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Default Re: Aftermarket TMIC effectiveness

Originally Posted by gmannarino View Post
Before making any investment, I wanted to get some advice from others on replacing the stock TMIC on the 08 Sti. In particular, I am thinking about running a direct meth injection too. I had some work done from AMR (stage 1) and the car runs great. Looking at doing a stage 2 with them but am also considering replacing the stock TMIC with theirs. I'm not interested in going with a FMIC (too much tubing) but want to lower the intake charge as much as possible. Will an aftermarket TMIC be effective for this? Keeping in mind expandability. At some point I may replace the stock turbo with a slightly larger one - but not now.

I do not have a goal whp in mind. Just looking to make small, incremental modifications little at a time.

Just wondering if you got or are you gettings AMRs exhaust?
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