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Winning noise
Winning noise
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Default Re: Winning noise

Originally Posted by MaskedMarvel View Post
When I look at videos of other STIs, I don't hear that sound. Now there's a good chance they're not stock either. The reason why I'm complaining a bit is because it hides the beautiful engine sound.
on a serious note: with radio on? Maybe electronic interferences because of bad wiring.
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Default Re: Winning noise

The whining noise you hear isn't very loud, but is definitely loud enough if you've never driven an STI before. I remember straining my *** off trying to hear SOMETHING in my old '06 WRX TR, swearing that I could hear the turbo spool. That was until a buddy of mine let me drive his '04 STI to work (he drove my WRX to help trouble shoot something I can't remember) and heard what an STI really sounds like. His '04 was amazing, and I was immediately enthralled with every different sound his made, disregarding the road noise and rattles.

Fast forward a few years. When I drove my brand new '08 STI home from NH to CT for the first time, I actually called the sales guy up, giddy like a little kid on Christmas, to tell him how absolutely fantastic the car was. I know it sounds corny as hell (especially now that I'm used to the sounds/power and wanting more) but every little whir, whine and hiss the car made during that first drive home absolutely thrilled me.

You'll get used to it. I'm so used to it, that when I have new people in the car, I'm taken aback when they comment on how loud it is or ask what gear I'm in, as if to say that I should probably consider shifting some time soon - think, 2800 RPM in this car is much louder than most cars at twice that RPM. The latest was a little while back: my gf's sister asked whether I got really terrible gas mileage, given the way I drive. With only an AEM intake and a Stage 1 OTS Cobb map, the car makes tons of noises (vrooms and whooshes and whines,) even while driving mildly, though I've gotten so used to it that I don't even notice. I wasn't quite sure how to answer (my 23.1 mpg was right there on the display, the obvious answer,) so I laughed awkwardly and said nothing more. A little while later, I shifted to S# right before entering an on-ramp and got to 65 MPH as quickly and safely as I could and said, "now THAT is why it's not even better." I know, cool story, right? Honestly, it is. Even though the STI is a well-known model, most people are still surprised at how powerful it is, sometimes involuntarily vocally.

I'm not a drop-the-clutch kind of guy, ever; however, it gives me great pleasure to shift into 2nd early and mash the gas in a nice, open area. When the boost kicks in at around 2600 RPM and violently pushes all three passengers back in their seats, eliciting a scream from at least one them, THAT is what makes this 22.5-MPG-overall-average-from-a-small-four-banger econobox-on-streroids worth owning. It's not for the comfort, but for the feel (not to mention the practicality.) But, I digress...

To answer you next question: yes, that really loud whirring/whining noise while decelerating at high RPM in-gear is normal; your gear box is not exploding. You'll learn to love that, too, in time.
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Default Re: Winning noise

I love every noise my STI makes. From gear whine to turbo spool to road noise. All the bushings have made it that much better. With my subframe and rear diff inserts the gear whine above 50MPH is pretty nice too.
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Default Re: Winning noise

Thanks for the story gathermewool. I LOVE my STI but I just want to make sure the noise I'm not use to is normal and you guys confirmed that. and yeah, I really like that slowing down transmission noise. Kinda like straight cut gears.

Thanks guys.
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Default Re: Winning noise

is it like a tuning fork sound? or a low brain scrambling frequency? cause thats what i have going on.
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