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Default Re: Aftermarket TMIC effectiveness

Originally Posted by gmannarino View Post
Before making any investment, I wanted to get some advice from others on replacing the stock TMIC on the 08 Sti. In particular, I am thinking about running a direct meth injection too. I had some work done from AMR (stage 1) and the car runs great. Looking at doing a stage 2 with them but am also considering replacing the stock TMIC with theirs. I'm not interested in going with a FMIC (too much tubing) but want to lower the intake charge as much as possible. Will an aftermarket TMIC be effective for this? Keeping in mind expandability. At some point I may replace the stock turbo with a slightly larger one - but not now.

I do not have a goal whp in mind. Just looking to make small, incremental modifications little at a time.

any larger top mount that is spec'd to flow higher than the stock will be fine, however Ive never seen an aftermarket unit seal as well as stock. you lose efficiency there. I would go with one that is the same width and depth so you can utilize the stock gasket, but find one that has a very thick core. Id rather have cooling.

my stock mr2 turbo intercooler, while it was big enough for the power level I was at, it did not get enough air. I measured the output temp with my fluke meter. at the end of the quarter, charge temps were over 190 degrees F. when i replaced the side panel with a temp scoop, temps got down to 110.

going larger side to side is just wasting space if it's not getting cool air. you're trading off flow for cooling.

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