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Default Re: Aftermarket TMIC effectiveness

Absolutely. TMIC as you already know can go with one of AMR's bolt-ons (up to a point, the T60R has a 60lbs compressor wheel which can generate I believe up to 450whp (check with AMR)). With all turbo charging setups, one of your primary concerns is heat. There is a lot of heat generated as air molecules are forced into your intake manifold. As a result, parts like a TMIC go a long way in helping keeping the air cool which means more SAFER power. I always though a TMIC would only be helpful with the addition of a new turbo. I am wrong. Again cooler means safer and ultimately more power.

What are you really concerned about here?

Btw, for over 400whp I believe most will recommend a FMIC (its more of an active cooling unit instead of the more passive TM design, but having the TMIC as well is even better).

PM me if you have any more questions (I dropped my car off at AMR this week)!

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