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Talking HEAVY STi Shift Knob! (Stainless Steel Sphere)


Hey guys,
You have asked me several times for a heavier shift knob for your STi. Well, I just made the first STAINLESS STEEL STi Sphere & Piston shift knobs!

This knob is lathe-cut from 303 Stainless Steel, which will be the best at resisting rust. You could probably bathe with it and not rust, but I don't recommend that.

The appearance is a deep gray appearance, with a brushed finish just like my aluminum knobs. Here is a pic of the STi Sphere:

and a pic of the STi Piston: (I can customize the size for your preference. This one is 3" tall so your whole hand can wrap around it vertically)

The total weight of the STi Sphere knob is 465 grams, this is 1.02 pounds
The total weight of the STi Piston knob is 526 grams, this is 1.16 pounds!
The total weight of the WRX Sphere knob is 525 grams, this is 1.16 pounds
The total weight of the WRX Piston knob is 485 grams, this is 1.07 pounds!
This will surely answer those who have asked for a very solid shift feel

Weight Comparison Chart:
69g - Stock 04/05 STi Knob
180g - Stock 06-08 STi Knob
105g - My Copolymer/Brass STi Sphere
170g - My Aluminum STi Sphere
465g - 526g - My NEW Stainless Steel Knobs

My Driving Impressions with the Stainless knobs: I just drove around town with the first Stainless Sti Sphere and then the Piston, and I was impressed by the improvement in driveability. The heavy weight of the steel knob compressed into such a small (2" diameter / 1.5" diameter piston) controllable shape makes shifting easy, meaning the momentum of the knob shifts it through the gears without needing as much force during the throw. I would guess this knob would improve quick shift sequences like during AutoX, drag, and road course racing. Since the shape is the same as the copolymer and aluminum spheres I make, the weight advantage is quite nice. I like the heavy knob a LOT more than I expected I would. I made these for you guys, expecting to hate the heavy feel, but I like it!

The special introductory pricing has ended. These are the fixed prices for these knobs from now on:
-6 Speeds

-5 Speeds
*including USPS Insured Shipping & Paypal Fee


1) Urban07STi - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED TUE 4/8)
2) Speedjunkie - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
3) sti-liger - SS STi Piston (RECEIVED)
4) dc5Aspec'd - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
5) Szumita - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
6) Renns - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED TUESDAY 3/25)
7) Scotty20bsp - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
8) Lokutus1 - SS STi Piston (RECEIVED)
9) boondocksaint - SS STi Piston (RECEIVED)
10) A_White06 - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
11) Xerox445 - SS STi Piston (SHIPPED MON 4/7)
12) jv01 - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
13) Graac - SS STi Piston (SHIPPED MON 4/7)
14) Haroman311 - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
15) Autocannon05 - SS STi Piston (SHIPPED TUESDAY 3/25)
16) Billy Baru - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED TUESDAY 3/25)
17) BlkSTiAL - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
18) Barry - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED WEDS 3/26)
19) Brushfire - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED FRI 3/28)
20) ktulu990 - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED MON 3/31)
21) Sti-LOS - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED MON 3/31)
22) Kaz - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED MON 3/31)
23) 05_STi_WRX - SS STi Sphere (RECEIVED)
24) Big67 - SS STi Sphere (SHIPPED MON 3/31)

I am not accepting orders for the Stainless Steel Sti Sphere and piston. To order, send paypal to me with ALL the following info so I know what is being ordered and who you are on the forum. This will let me update this thread with individual order status so you can track it yourself.

MY PAYPAL: [email protected]
AMOUNT: $$$ Shown Above in Price list
SUBJECT: Shiftknob Order
MESSAGE: Stainless Steel (STI or WRX) ( Sphere or Piston)
From "_______" on [<<enter your screenname]
ATTACH your shipping address
~Chris M
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