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Power steering problem (whine and stiffness)
Power steering problem (whine and stiffness)
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Default Re: Power steering problem (whine and stiffness)

Also my inlet o ring wasn't the actual apparent cause of my power steering whine and cutting out in turns, as after I had replaced my o ring I changed my oil about a week later and noticed that the line assembly along the bottom.of the rack was leaking from corrosion where the metal clamp and rubber line were attached. The dealership also stocks this preassembled line kit. ONLY REASON IT FELT LIKE THE O RING HAD SOLVED THE SYMPTOMS BEFORE WAD BECAUSE I HAD FLUSHED TH E FLUID AT THE SAME TIME. Most of the issues being talked about here almost certainly started with a leak in the system somewhere, unless the inlet hose was tensioned somehow, removed, loosened at that caused an issue with the o ring itself.

Moral of the story is check everything even after replacing the o ring, and don't assume an easy fix.

Anyway been 2 years since I posted on this and haven't had any leaks or noise from the power steering since, so you can get these issues and fix them and not have permanent damage, just make sure you check everything even after you think you fixed it.

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Default Re: Power steering problem (whine and stiffness)

I have an issue where I got the car back from the shop after a few years of a build. I thought it was the fluid used, so I used the Subaru ATF. Then I had pressure everytime I opened the Chase Bays res cap for the power steering system. I then got a new cap that is vented to allow the pressure out from the top of the cap and that didn't help. My issue is that when the car is first cold started, there is no whine, but after driving for a long period of time: 30 mins or more the whine will be heard while parking. I replaced the power steering pump and still have the issue. I think it may be the O-ring which I believe was changed? Or it could be the steering rack?
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Default Re: Power steering problem (whine and stiffness)

Every car is different, mileage varies, maintenance and use varies. However, at this point it should be very clear that the power steering system on these cars can fail to function because of the deterioration of a twenty five cent part....the O ring at the inlet line on top of the power steering pump. Could it be the drive belt, the pump, the rack and pinion....sure, but it should be clear that if you have steering issues and bubbles in the fluid reservoir....the first, easiest and least expensive part to check is the O ring. If the pump can suck in any air....hot or cold engine...your steering system will not function properly. I'd start there before exploring much more expensive areas. And, your new O ring must fit properly so that it seal the inlet.

Seals that are under internal pressure and fail.....leak. This particular seal, seals out air....so if it has failed....there is no fluid running down the side of anything. Simply air in the system and it doesn't take much to ruin function.. hwy61
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